rpmio/rpmio_internal.h File Reference

#include <rpmio.h>
#include <rpmurl.h>
#include <beecrypt.api.h>
#include <rpmpgp.h>
#include <rpmsw.h>
#include <beecrypt.h>
#include <base64.h>
#include <dsa.h>
#include <endianness.h>
#include <md5.h>
#include <mp.h>
#include <rsa.h>
#include <rsapk.h>
#include <sha1.h>

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Data Structures

struct  pgpDigParams_s
 Values parsed from OpenPGP signature/pubkey packet(s). More...
struct  pgpDig_s
 Container for values parsed from an OpenPGP signature and public key. More...
struct  _FDSTACK_s
struct  _FDDIGEST_s
struct  _FD_s
 The FD_t File Handle data structure. More...


#define PGPDIG_SAVED_TIME   (1 << 0)
#define PGPDIG_SAVED_ID   (1 << 1)
#define RPMIO_DEBUG_IO   0x40000000
#define RPMIO_DEBUG_REFS   0x20000000
#define FDMAGIC   0x04463138
#define FDDIGEST_MAX   4
#define FDSANE(fd)   assert(fd && fd->magic == FDMAGIC)
#define DBG(_f, _m, _x)
#define DBGIO(_f, _x)   DBG((_f), RPMIO_DEBUG_IO, _x)
#define DBGREFS(_f, _x)   DBG((_f), RPMIO_DEBUG_REFS, _x)


typedef _FDSTACK_s FDSTACK_t
typedef enum fdOpX_e fdOpX
 Identify per-desciptor I/O operation statistics.
struct {
   rpmop_s   ops [FDSTAT_MAX]
 Cumulative statistics for a descriptor.


enum  fdOpX_e {
 Identify per-desciptor I/O operation statistics. More...


int fdFgets (FD_t fd, char *buf, size_t len)
FD_t ftpOpen (const char *url, int flags, mode_t mode, urlinfo *uret)
int ftpReq (FD_t data, const char *ftpCmd, const char *ftpArg)
int ftpCmd (const char *cmd, const char *url, const char *arg2)
int ufdClose (void *cookie)
static FDIO_t fdGetIo (FD_t fd)
static void fdSetIo (FD_t fd, FDIO_t io)
static FILE * fdGetFILE (FD_t fd)
static void * fdGetFp (FD_t fd)
static void fdSetFp (FD_t fd, void *fp)
static int fdGetFdno (FD_t fd)
static void fdSetFdno (FD_t fd, int fdno)
static void fdSetContentLength (FD_t fd, ssize_t contentLength)
static void fdPush (FD_t fd, FDIO_t io, void *fp, int fdno)
static void fdPop (FD_t fd)
static rpmop fdstat_op (FD_t fd, fdOpX opx)
static void fdstat_enter (FD_t fd, int opx)
static void fdstat_exit (FD_t fd, int opx, ssize_t rc)
static void fdstat_print (FD_t fd, const char *msg, FILE *fp)
static void fdSetSyserrno (FD_t fd, int syserrno, const void *errcookie)
static int fdGetRdTimeoutSecs (FD_t fd)
static long int fdGetCpioPos (FD_t fd)
static void fdSetCpioPos (FD_t fd, long int cpioPos)
static FD_t c2f (void *cookie)
static void fdInitDigest (FD_t fd, pgpHashAlgo hashalgo, int flags)
 Attach digest to fd.
static void fdUpdateDigests (FD_t fd, const unsigned char *buf, ssize_t buflen)
 Update digest(s) attached to fd.
static void fdFiniDigest (FD_t fd, pgpHashAlgo hashalgo, void **datap, size_t *lenp, int asAscii)
static int fdFileno (void *cookie)
int rpmioSlurp (const char *fn, const unsigned char **bp, ssize_t *blenp)
 Read an entire file into a buffer.


int _rpmio_debug
int _av_debug
int _ftp_debug
int _dav_debug

Detailed Description

Definition in file rpmio_internal.h.

Define Documentation

#define DBG ( _f,
_x   ) 


/*@-modfilesys@*/ \
    if ((_rpmio_debug | ((_f) ? ((FD_t)(_f))->flags : 0)) & (_m)) fprintf _x \

Definition at line 205 of file rpmio_internal.h.

#define DBGIO ( _f,
_x   )     DBG((_f), RPMIO_DEBUG_IO, _x)

Definition at line 214 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by __fdClose(), __fdOpen(), __fdRead(), __fdWrite(), Fclose(), fdDup(), Fdopen(), fdSeek(), fdSize(), Ferror(), Fileno(), Fread(), Fseek(), ftpAbort(), Fwrite(), ufdCopy(), and ufdOpen().

#define DBGREFS ( _f,
_x   )     DBG((_f), RPMIO_DEBUG_REFS, _x)

Definition at line 215 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by XfdFree(), and XfdLink().

#define FDDIGEST_MAX   4

Definition at line 173 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by fdInitDigest().

#define FDMAGIC   0x04463138

Definition at line 150 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by XfdNew().

#define FDSANE ( fd   )     assert(fd && fd->magic == FDMAGIC)

Definition at line 183 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by c2f(), Fclose(), fdGetCpioPos(), fdGetFdno(), fdGetFILE(), fdGetFp(), fdGetIo(), fdGetRdTimeoutSecs(), Fdopen(), fdPop(), fdPush(), fdSeekNot(), fdSetContentLength(), fdSetCpioPos(), fdSetFdno(), fdSetFp(), fdSetIo(), fdSetSyserrno(), fdSize(), Fread(), Fseek(), Fstrerror(), Fwrite(), ufdGetFile(), ufdGetUrlinfo(), and XfdFree().

#define PGPDIG_SAVED_ID   (1 << 1)

Definition at line 59 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by pgpPrtPkt(), and pgpPrtSubType().

#define PGPDIG_SAVED_TIME   (1 << 0)

Definition at line 58 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by pgpPrtSubType().

#define RPMIO_DEBUG_IO   0x40000000

Definition at line 147 of file rpmio_internal.h.

#define RPMIO_DEBUG_REFS   0x20000000

Definition at line 148 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Function Documentation

int rpmioSlurp ( const char *  fn,
const unsigned char **  bp,
ssize_t *  blenp 

Read an entire file into a buffer.

fn file name to read
Return values:
*bp (malloc'd) buffer address
*blenp (malloc'd) buffer length
0 on success

Definition at line 3395 of file rpmio.c.

References Fclose(), fdSize(), Ferror(), Fopen(), Fread(), xmalloc(), and xrealloc().

Referenced by pgpReadPkts(), processMetadataFile(), and rpmPlatform().

Variable Documentation

int _av_debug

Definition at line 121 of file rpmio.c.

int _dav_debug

Definition at line 131 of file rpmio.c.

int _ftp_debug

Definition at line 126 of file rpmio.c.

int _rpmio_debug

Definition at line 116 of file rpmio.c.

struct rpmop_s ops[FDSTAT_MAX]

Cumulative statistics.

Definition at line 130 of file rpmio_internal.h.

Referenced by codebinop().

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