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6RFE: Having macro option %config(nowarn) for no warnings and no .rpmnew/.rpmsave filenewpmatilaienhancementmajor
7RFE: Having macro option %config(merge) for merging changes to changed config filenewpmatilaienhancementmajor
13RFE: Having macro `%patches' would be good for aplying a list of patches. The same for defining a list of pathes, like `Patches'newjnovyenhancementmajor
16%preun is called with arg 0 during upgradenewpmatilaidefectmajor
23RFE: automatic noarch files subpackagingnewjnovytaskmajor
24RFE: Allow upstream changelog files to be marked speciallynewjnovyenhancementmajor
33RFE: specfile-usable variable for whether noarch subpackages are supportednewpmatilaienhancementmajor
35Comment on
36Comment on
37Lua scriptlet SELinux awarenessnewpmatilaidefectmajor
38Make individual Lua scriptlets execute in their own enviromentsnewpmatilaidefectmajor
43RFE: Add tags to save the circumstances under which the package got installedassignedpmatilaienhancementmajor
53[RFE] Allow %doc(type) documentation file flaggingnewjnovyenhancementmajor
55RFE: include yaml parsing support for the embedded lua interperternewpmatilaienhancementmajor
67Do not open database when querying packageassignedpmatilaidefectmajor
71need way to preserve ownerships and permissions on files and directoriesnewpmatilaienhancementmajor
78Allow noarch package to have architecture specific subpackagesnewpmatilaienhancementmajor
79Limitit rpm usage for Debianreopenedpmatilaidefectmajor
80filter redundant provides, requires and conflictsnewpmatilaienhancementmajor
86RFE: allow to set default file permissions for files that have an executable flag setnewpmatilaienhancementmajor
97Rebuild rpm database causes segfaultassignedpmatilaidefectmajor
110rpm needs to keep a detailed log of what was happening and when/whynewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
111rpm transaction recoverynewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
113per-transaction element transaction flags and gpg-keyringsnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
114taint the rpmdb if a user uses dangerous optionsnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
116Add/Improve %license tag handlingassignedpmatilaidefectmajor
119rpmbuild: some macro expansions ignored when --target is specifiednewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
121rpmbuild: should --target really set %_target?assignedpmatilaidefectmajor
122Having Dynamic Requires: For RPMS Checking Conditions only Available at RPM RuntimenewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
154Automatic Provides and Requires for python modulesassignedpmatilaienhancementmajor
172how to get the return value for rpm installationnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
182Move pubkeys out of package databasenewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
183Redesign the transaction callback systemnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
805Intelligent cancel of transaction elements when parent failsnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
814Eliminate static buffer from spec parsingnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
848RFE: quiet flag for scriptletsassignedpmatilaienhancementmajor
849RFE: no-error flag for scriptletsassignedpmatilaienhancementmajor
850export header start and header end positions as a part of RPM headerassignedpmatilaienhancementmajor
853add ability to use: "Requires: PackageA or PackageB" in spec filenewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
856Add macro to reference /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/newRpmTicketsdefectmajor
857RFE: Conditional dependenciesnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
859dist macro or equivalentnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
862Increase header size limit(s)newRpmTicketsdefectmajor
863Better support for per-package source/build directoriesnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
867rpmfcELF: Assertion `s != ((void *)0)' failed.newRpmTicketsdefectmajor
871RFE: expose headerFormat in lua APInewRpmTicketstaskmajor
874Different buildroot for different sub packagesnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
883RFE: Dynamic subpackage generationnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
884[patch] Explicitly use python2 in %__python2 macronewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
888librpm allocates memory on the heap that never gets freednewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
889Create dependencies from %doc files as weak depsnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
890rpmbuild silently ignores '--with' or '--without' options whose bcond name contains '-'newRpmTicketsdefectmajor
891solve problems with --setugids --setpermsnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
893Reconsider --replacepkgnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
896Design for use with linux-user-chrootnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
898Segfault on invalid packagenewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
900Please bring back support for %{_noPayloadPrefix}newRpmTicketsdefectmajor
901Allow noarch builds with ExclusiveArch not containing noarchnewRpmTicketsdefectmajor
902Allow for architecture and OS to be used in boolean dependenciesnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
903Extend %changelog to support full timestampsnewRpmTicketsenhancementmajor
28RFE: rpm should auto-detect need for -p optionnewpmatilaienhancementminor
29RFE: Add configurable signature checking policiesnewpmatilaienhancementminor
31Move informative messages from stdout to stderrnewpmatilaidefectminor
44RFE: provide a mechanism to quickly see if the rpmdb has been modifiednewpmatilaienhancementminor
90Add new tag to store the complete URL for Source:newpmatilaienhancementminor
93Documentation about triggersnewpmatilaienhancementminor
96Fix netsharedpath behaviour for nontrivial situationsnewFlorianFestidefectminor
98RFE: add build dependencies based on source/patch compression typesnewpmatilaienhancementminor
124rpmmacros %{version} handling with sub-packages of a different versionnewRpmTicketsdefectminor
168Non-full dependency information by query with --whatrequires optionnewRpmTicketsdefectminor
176"rpmbuild -bp --force" silently skips all %patch directivesassignedpmatilaidefectminor
185RFE: Ability to deactivate %preun/%postun of installed package with updatenewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
187add a feature %bcond_enable similar to %bcond_withnewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
819RPM_OPT_FLAGS name ambiguity?newRpmTicketsenhancementminor
821[PATCH] Avoid emitting empty perl() module depsnewRpmTicketsdefectminor
822RFE: add pager to rpm query outputassignedpmatilaienhancementminor
835[PATCH] Add --docdir to %configurenewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
837Flexible excluded dirs in brp-python-bytecompilenewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
842BuildArch in spec causes macro etc "leakage"newRpmTicketsdefectminor
852RFE: gendiff should emit warning if no output producednewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
860Rpm could be more tolerant on failure to replace %config(noreplace) filesnewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
861Rpm is confused about arch on 64bit kernel, 32bit userland configurationnewRpmTicketsdefectminor
864Add verify mode for discovering unowned files and directoriesnewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
879Support for -gsplit-dwarfnewRpmTicketsdefectminor
882Check inodes needed for/during installation (similar to disc space)newRpmTicketsdefectminor
894RFE: Handle macro arguments with spaces somehownewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
895Access to %description and Summary contents in macro/luanewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
897Be able to add to macro search path with environment variablenewRpmTicketsenhancementminor
155Provide configuration management featuresnewRpmTicketsenhancementtrivial
162Maximum RPM: --buildarch obsoletenewRpmTicketsdefecttrivial
166rpm signature behaviour not clear in documentationnewRpmTicketsdefecttrivial
831content in is obsoletenewRpmTicketsenhancementtrivial
881RFE: Allow setting RPMTRANS_FLAG_DEPLOOPS via python interfacenewRpmTicketsenhancementtrivial
899Null pointer dereference in compressFilelistnewRpmTicketsdefecttrivial
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