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Call %clean by default

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Currently, in Fedora, we require all packages to have this in their spec file:

%clean rm -rf %{buildroot}

Really, this should just be a default within RPM. As Panu pointed out on the discussion thread at fedora-devel-list:


Another, perhaps simpler alternative would be making rpm inject default %clean action when spec doesn't define one. To disable/customize the default behavior, you'd just add an empty (or otherwise custom) %clean in the spec, no special disabler logic required.

It is of course a change of behavior in rpm but allows getting rid of the %clean section in 99% of specs and permits backwards compatibility too: if you want to have %clean do (or not do) whatever you want, you just keep the %clean section in the spec. It'd make those special cases stand out clearly too, all you have to do is grep for %clean.


Please implement. :)

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Done: https://rpm.org/gitweb?p=rpm.git;a=commitdiff;h=3fc58248d23d6f720942e5cbf4f92db246a802f0