Conditional Builds

Rpmbuild supports conditional package builds with the command line switches –with and –without.

Here is an example to enable gnutls and disable openssl support:

$ rpmbuild -ba newpackage.spec --with gnutls --without openssl

Enable –with/–without parameters

To use this feature in a spec file, add this to the beginning of the spec:

# add --with gnutls option, i.e. disable gnutls by default
%bcond_with gnutls
# add --without openssl option, i.e. enable openssl by default
%bcond_without openssl 

If you want to change whether or not an option is enabled by default, only change %bcond_with to %bcond_without or vice versa. The remainder of the spec file needs to stay the same.

Check wether an option is enabled

To define BuildRequires depending on the commandline switch, you can use the %{with foo} macro:

%if %{with gnutls}
BuildRequires:  gnutls-devel
%if %{with openssl}
BuildRequires:  openssl-devel

Pass it to %configure

To pass this option to configure or other scripts than understand a –with-foo or –without-foo parameter, you can use the %{?_with_foo} macro:

%configure \
        %{?_with_gnutls} \