Getting Source Code


The source code managed by is held in a series of git repositories. This page describes the repository layouts and the various ways to access them. For source releases, see Download.

Repository Layout

The main RPM sourcecode and various sub-projects are located in their own repositories at Additionally a browsable interface for viewing the repositories is available.

Anonymous Cloning

With git, you can clone a repository anonymously via git- or http-protocol. This will give you a copy of the repository and all the history of said repository suitable for offline operation. This clone can inturn be shared with others or used to track personal changes.

To clone an rpm repository simply do:

$ git clone git://<repo>.git

This will create a directory in your current working directory named after <repo>. For example to clone the main rpm source repository, use

$ git clone git://

Git protocol is recommended over rather inefficient http, but if you are behind a restrictive firewall, http might work better. In case of http the path is slightly different:

$ git clone<repo>.git

See the git website for further information on working with git.

Authenticated Access

Authenticated access is achieved via ssh and the use of ssh-keys, and will be granted to contributors with a proven track record of quality contributions.