RPM 4.10.1 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from RPM 4.10.0

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Permit key imports on transactions where signature checking is disabled, regression of sorts introduced in 4.10.0 (RhBug:856225)
  • Fix RPMPROB_FILTER_FORCERELOCATE aka –badreloc, regression introduced in 4.9.0 (RhBug:828784)
  • Verify files from non-installed packages again, regression introduced in 4.9.0 (RhBug:826589)
  • Fix large (> 4GB) package support, regression introduced in 4.9.0 (RhBug:844936)
  • Only create the first instance of a file shared between multiple packages on install (speedup + improved verification timestamp behavior)
  • Report config and missinok flags too in deptype format extension
  • Fix relative path handling in –whatprovides query
  • Accept em64t architecture as an alias for x86_64 (RhBug:800489)
  • Fix 32bit ppc getting misidentified as ppc64p7

Package building

  • Add –noclean and –nocheck options to rpmbuild (RhBug:756531)
  • Permit non-existent %ghost directories to be packaged (RhBug:839656)
  • Dont silence patch by default (RhBug:678000, RhBug:773503)
  • Accept “owner” as an alias to “user” %verify attribute (RhBug:838657)
  • Add “power64” arch macro for all supported PowerPC 64 processors (RhBug:818320)
  • Fix bogus “unclosed %if” error when %include is used in conditionals
  • Report starting line for unclosed %if errors in spec
  • Always print out package dependencies on build

API changes

  • Restore pre-4.10.0 fdFree() behavior, ie return the fd itself while references exist, returning NULL introduced fd leak regressions.

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Fix memory leak on config file disposition calculations, regression introduced in 4.10.0
  • Fix memory leak in spec changelog parsing error paths
  • Fix memory leak in spec buildarch parsing recursion
  • Fix rpmdsMatchesDep() behavior on obsoletes
  • Honor RPMSENSE_MISSINGOK flag in dependency checking
  • Some added cases to the internal test-suite
  • Valgrind suppression file included for filtering /proc/self/auxv related false positives