RPM 4.11.1 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from RPM

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix transaction getting hung due to stale locks from concurrent query (RhBug:860500)
  • Fix race condition(s) on rpm database open/close (RhBug:924417…)
  • Fix a possible segfault on file digest calculation (RhBug:909618)
  • Fix rpm ignoring crypto initialization failure (RhBug:909627, RhBug:909618)
  • Fix possible buffer overflow in macro shell expansion
  • Fix explicit file conflicts in installed packages being ignored
  • Fix self-conflict and/or -obsolete sometimes causing conflicts and/or obsoletes in other packages to be unnoticed.
  • Fix replaced files not getting reported at all during verification
  • Fix bogus file conflict on symlink permissions (related to RhBug:950748)
  • Fix rpm’s macro path being missing from –showrc output
  • Fix multiple –pipe options silently overriding others (RhBug:966093)
  • Fix segfault on expanding %{lua} (RhBug:972646)
  • Fix zero-length arguments to built-in macros expanding to “}”

  • Add support for AArch64 architecture
  • Documentation and translation updates, spelling fixes (RhBug:708734…)

Package building

  • Fix rpmbuild argument checking for non-build operations (RhBug:919080)
  • Fix %attr() and %defattr() affecting symlink permissions (RhBug:950748)
  • Fix %pretrans and %posttrans dependencies not being printed on build
  • Fix VCS tag not getting included in source rpms
  • Fix segfault in debugedit (RhBug:929365)
  • Fix debugedit choking on .debug_gdb_script section (SuseBug:818502)
  • Fix perl module classification to require .pm suffix (RhBug:927211)
  • Fix %ghost files sometimes getting included in payload
  • Fix PKG_CONFIG_PATH not getting set according to target arch (RhBug:212522)
  • Fix non-directories getting accepted as directories in spec
  • Fix packaged files escaping buildroot through relative directory paths (RhBug:951979)
  • Add warning on ambiguous (likely invalid) name on macro definitions

API changes

New interfaces

  • rpmfiNewPool() shared string pool-aware rpmfi constructor
  • rpmdsNewPool(), rpmdsThisPool(), rpmdsSinglePool() and rpmdsRpmlibPool() shared string pool-aware rpmds constructors

Other interface changes

  • Change rpmdsMerge() to return number of merged entries (or error)
  • Fix rpmdsFind() failing to compare between dependency flags when either of them is RPMSENSE_ANY
  • Fix rpmfiFNlink() considering files with zero inodes as hardlinks

Python bindings

  • Fix ts.dbMatch() not accepting python long integer objects

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Optimize argvJoin()
  • Optimize macro table performance and macro expansion
  • Optimize spec parse performance (up to factor of 10)
  • Optimize check-files script
  • Fix various missing error checks in package signing and prelink helper

Build process

  • Fix build outside source directory
  • Fix various macro issues preventing “./configure; make; make install” sequence from producing a working rpm
  • Fix various test-suite issues to make it less dependent on configuration details
  • Fix support for Lua 5.2
  • Fix Python bindings build with Python 3
  • Add several new test-suite cases