RPM 4.13.0 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from RPM

Major Features

Command line

  • –whatrecommends, –whatsuggests, –whatsupplements, –whatenhances, –filetriggers query parameters
  • Deprecated rpmbuild –addsign (use rpmsign instead!)
  • Add support for rpmbuild -r[abpcils] SRPM to allowdoing all build steps from a source package
  • Honor –noglob in install modes too
  • Try to print error on stderr if log function failed (RhBug:1139444)
  • Fixed –last sorting with non-en locales
  • RPM no longer asks for passphrases of GPG keys on its own but lets GPG use pinentry


  • Terminate builds on empty manifest files (?_empty_manifest_terminate_build)
  • Error out on multiple triggers with the same target within a spec file (RhBug:585384, RhBug:702378)
  • Don’t include not explicitly listed files from doc dir into package (RhBug:728959)
  • Fix references to go sources in debuginfo packages (RhBug:1184221)
  • Fix “sources” and “patches” lua vars to not depend on ording of the spec file (RhBug:1084309)
  • rpmbuild -tX checks for multiple specfiles in the source tarball (RhBug:886395)
  • Pass _find_debuginfo_opts -g to eu-strip for executables (RhBug:1186563)
  • Deprecated %makeinstall use %make_install instead (RhBug:1148195)
  • Better handling of compressed patches
  • RemovePathPostfixes to allow conflicting files in sub packages
  • Removed unused dependency generator scripts
  • Check spec for valid UTF-8 encoding (%_invalid_encoding_terminates_build)
  • Warn on unused macros
  • Don’t allow infinite recursion loop with “package file” manifests (RhBug:461352)
  • Fix perl dependency generator for multi line statements (RhBug:1024517)
  • Don’t preserve ownership from tar when root (RhBug:1133946)
  • Dependency Generators for weak deps
  • Enable {} expansion in rpmGlob() / %files
  • No longer bytecompile python scripts in docdir
  • Improvements to find-lang.sh
  • Improvements to perl dependency generator
  • Use default value (currently 7) for XZ compression if not value is given
  • Support for debuginfo compression (RhBug:833311, RhBug:971119)
  • Support for minidebuginfo (RhBug:834073, RhBug:1382394, RhBug:1052415)
  • Support for RISCV and MIPS r6 architectures
  • New macro %_buildhost can be used to override gethostname() value (RhBug:1309367)
  • Use armv7hl as ISA for all armv7 systems (RhBug:1326871)
  • Filter automatic unversioned dependencies when versioned ones exist (RhBug:678605)
  • Enable –no-backup-if-mismatch by default in %patch macro (RhBug:884755)
  • Honor %{_default_patch_flags} and fuzz settings in %autosetup / %autopatch too
  • Fix non-working combination of %lang and %doc directive (RhBug:1254483)
  • Fix %autosetup tripping errors on rpmspec queries
  • Fix recursive calling of rpmdeps tool (RhBug:1297557)
  • Warn on invalid epoch presence in dependency versions (RhBug:1251453)
  • Make terminating on invalid version string configurable
  • Make %autopatch abort on errors
  • Add support for all dependency types to rpmdeps


  • Don’t wait for transaction lock within scriptlets
  • Handle %ghost file in payload of old packages (RhBug:1156497)
  • Fix %preun scriptlet not aborting package erase
  • Ignore SIGPIPE during scriptlet execution (RhBug:1264198)


  • More thorough validation of header data ranges (RhBug:1373107)
  • Avoid leaking unchecked data (CVE:2013-6435)
  • Overflow of cpio filename buffer (RhBug:1168715, CVE:2014-8118)
  • Undefined behavior in base64 decode
  • Segfault when NEVRA tags are not present in package (RhBug:???)
  • Segfault in tag data string formatting (RhBug:1316903)
  • Read past buffer end in tag data formatting (RhBug:1316896)
  • Ensure at least one tag in header region (RhBug:???)
  • Segfault in filelist compression on malformed package (RhBug:1273360)
  • Read past allocated buffer (RhBug:1260248)


  • Don’t include not explicitly listed files from doc dir into package
  • Fix path to go sources in debuginfo packages
  • Fix handling %license in files manifest (RhBug:1200761)
  • Ensure child process is terminated after fork() without exec() in lua
  • Fix handling of more than two identical multilib files (RhBug:1170124)
  • Fix size and archive size generation on big-endian systems
  • Reset architecture defaults on rpmFreeRpmrc() (RhBug:1115483)
  • Fix double-free on rpmdb close from C++
  • Unlimited macro expansion in specs


  • New rpmsqSetInterruptSafety() function for disabling ^C handling
  • rpmSpecPkgGetSection() to get fileFile, fileList and policyList from parsed spec file
  • Added trigger indexes to rpmds data type
  • rpmPkgSign() no longer gets a passphrase parameter
  • New rpmExpandMacros() function for better control over macro expansion


Python Binding

  • rpm.setInterruptSafety() for disabling ^C handling
  • fileFile, fileList, policyList attributes for specpkg object
  • Added doc strings for many functions and methods
  • Fixes for Python3 compatibility


  • Allow gpg to get passphrase by itself (RhBug:1228234)
  • Added Recommendname, Suggestname, Supplementname, Enhancename indexes to rpmdb
  • Added Filetriggername and Transfiletrigername indexes to rpmdb
  • Refactoring work on the rpmdb backend code
  • Refactoring work on the signature code
  • Refactoring work on the dependency generation code
  • Refactoring work on the dependency checking code
  • Small improvements on the ordering code
  • Make test-suite work on fakechroot 2.18


  • The new indexes are generated automatically. But querying them as user before they got build by root can cause an error.
  • Changed pass phrase handling requires GPG setup working with gpg-agent and pinentry for signing