RPM 4.14.1 Release Notes

Download information

  • rpm-4.14.1.tar.bz2
  • SHA256SUM: 43f40e2ccc3ca65bd3238f8c9f8399d4957be0878c2e83cba2746d2d0d96793b

Summary of changes from RPM 4.14.0


  • Fix arbitrary code execution when evaluating common python-related macros
  • Revised fix for CVE-2017-7501 for more robust hardlink handling (RhBug:1514608)

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix file lists getting fed to file triggers multiple times (#370)
  • Fix not all %transfiletriggerpostun file triggers executing (RhBug:1514085)
  • Fix file triggers executing before file fingerprinting
  • Fix file triggers firing on non-installed files
  • Fix package reading regression on some non-rpm.org signed packages (RhBug:1514190, #270)
  • Fix %ghost/%missingok files causing bogus verify failures (RhBug:1533092)
  • Fix misleading error message on transaction locking (RhBug:1502134, #356)
  • Fix file signatures failing on hardlinked files (#333)
  • Add –noartifact and –artifactfiles query/verify cli flags
  • Documentation updates + typo fixes (#343, #353…)

Package building

  • Fix signature header sometimes corrupting main header on > 4GB packages (#379)
  • Fix fish(1) manual pages not getting compressed (#381)
  • Fix %{verbose:…} argument getting expanded on false condition
  • Fix use-before-boundary-check in debugedit (#332)t
  • Add support –jobs for as an alias to -j in find-debuginfo.sh (RhBug:1518120)
  • Add support for %artifact virtual file attribute
  • Add support for multiple names to find-lang.sh
  • Add actual command + arguments to dependency generator debug output (#338)
  • Add a new –alldeps cli option to rpmdep
  • Mark build-id and dwz entries in packages as %artifact files for easy filtering


  • Fix unnecessary segfault on NULL in several rpmfi-accessors

Build process

  • Fix with root user/group detection with multiple users/groups with id 0 (#377)
  • Fix Python bindings build for custom prefix
  • Fix typo preventing OpenSSL 1.0.2 compatibility
  • Add check for getline() as a required function in configure
  • Add check for mremap() support as a required function for –enable-ndb
  • Add check for lxsetattr() support as required function for IMA plugin
  • Add several new tests + fixes to existing ones