RPM 4.14.3 Release Notes

Download information

  • rpm-4.14.3.tar.bz2
  • SHA256SUM: 13711268181a6e201eb9d4eb06384a7fcc42dcc6c9057a62c53472cfc5ba44b5

Summary of changes from RPM

New features

  • Add support for sorting caret (‘^’) higher than base version

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Remove capabilities instead of setting empty caps via. –setcaps
  • Don’t use %verify scriptlet dependencies for ordering
  • Handle unsupported digests the same as disabled ones (RhBug:1652529)
  • Fix headerCheck() return code mismatch & regression
  • rpm2cpio error out cleanly on files over 4GB (RhBug:1662481)
  • Don’t let rpmlog() affect errno
  • rpm2archive: Fix file names for source rpms
  • Correct rpm -ql exit value when optional -p is omitted (RhBug:1680610)
  • Show list of files only once when use rpm -ql and multiple rpm files
  • Make rpmsign exit values more consistent with our other tools
  • Fix segfault on fingerprinting symlink round (RhBug:1660232)
  • Use –dpbath only with full path (RhBug:1696408)
  • Fix rpm2archive behavior with multiple arguments
  • Fix packages getting erased on failed update with dnf (RhBug:1620275)
  • Fix off-by-one in hdrblobGet() making last entry unreachable (RhBug:1722921)
  • rpmpgp: Handle EOF without EOL better at END PGP
  • Suppress inhibition lock warning message when DBus service is not available
  • Handle incomplete escape seq in queryformat (RhBug:1755230)
  • Fix regression on v3 package handling on database rebuild
  • Don’t require signature header to be in single contiguous region part II
  • Fix rpmVerifySignatures() passing garbage as verify flags
  • Fix regression reading some old v4.0 era packages (#610)
  • Don’t issue error message if selinux is not supported on the system

Package building

  • rpmbuild: Error out if name Obsoletes have invalid characters
  • Handle whitespace in uncompressed tar archive names
  • find-debuginfo.sh: Handle position-independent executables
  • Sort list of hard linked files in find-debuginfo.sh (RhBug:1421272)
  • Detect kernel modules by .modinfo section presence for build-id generation
  • Support build-id generation from compressed ELF files (elfutils >= 0.175)
  • Add step to find-debuginfo.sh script to compress annobin notes.
  • Python generators: console_scripts entry points require setuptools
  • Python generators: Canonicalize Python versions and properly handle != spec
  • Raise an error if reading a file during rpmbuild fails (#776)

Internal improvements

  • Fix memleak various memory leaks
  • Fix rpmfiles memory leak on %postuntrans file trigger preparation
  • Fix excessive use of thread local storage (RhBug:1722181)

Build process

  • Use python2 as the python binary name
  • rpmio/digest_nss.c: fix build on musl
  • Improved CI integration


  • Clarify RPM license wrt rpmio/ sub-directory
  • Fix minor typos
  • rpmsign man page: Add line about rpmsign requiring a valid checksum
  • Explicitly mention that the rpmio/ sub dir is under LGPL
  • Document popt build-requirement and point a download location