RPM 4.15.1 Release Notes

Download information

  • rpm-4.15.1.tar.bz2
  • SHA256SUM: ddef45f9601cd12042edfc9b6e37efcca32814e1e0f4bb8682d08144a3e2d230

Summary of changes from RPM 4.15.1

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix invalid memory access on incomplete queryformat escape sequence (RhBug:1755230)
  • Fix –prtpkts debug switch functionality (an old regression)
  • Fix ‘#’ characters in package names in file manifests (RhBug:112727)
  • Fix src.rpm rpmlib() checking not honoring RPMSENSE_HINT
  • Fix file triggers sometimes called with wrong header (RhBug:1724779)
  • Fix man page containing references to paths with “redhat” (#779)
  • Fix %_missing_doc_files_terminate_build functionality (#807, regression in 4.14.x)
  • Fix superfluous inhibition lock warning emitted in single user mode
  • Fix various bugs and portability issues in the NDB database backend
  • Fix too small database size default in LMDB database backend
  • Revert questionable armv8 and arm64 added in 4.15.0 (RhBug:1691430)
  • Revert DBUS shutdown from systemd_inhibit cleanup (RhBug:1714657)
  • Several documentation updates

Package building

  • Fix setting build date from %changelog (#932, regression in 4.15.0)
  • Fix non-deterministic RPMTAG_CLASSDICT order (#934, regression in 4.15.0)
  • Fix Icon tag crash on src.rpm build (RhBug:1769579, regression in 4.15.0)
  • Fix dynamic buildrequires incorrectly inserting rpmlib() provides in packages
  • Fix dynamic buildrequires use appearing as hard requirements to install src.rpm
  • Fix invalid dependencies from dynamic buildrequires and generators not stopping build (#881)
  • Add RPMSENSE_FIND_REQUIRES flag on dynamically generated buildrequires (#801, RhBug:1759100)
  • Add all of the rpmbuild macro aliases to rpmspec as well

Internal improvements

  • Fix various minor memory leaks in build code
  • Fix various minor expression error message issues
  • Fix minor code correctness issues (#872)

Build process

  • Fix compilation with –disable-openmp
  • Fix Lua build not honoring LUA_CFLAGS (#888)
  • Fix reproducable builds test
  • Add –enable-werror switch for building with -Werror, use for CI builds
  • Add support for libgcrypt crypto backend (–with-crypto=gcrypt)