RPM 4.19.1 Release Notes


  • Source: rpm-4.19.1.tar.bz2
  • SHA256SUM: 4de4dcd82f2a46cf48a83810fe94ebda3d4719b45d547ed908b43752a7581df1

Summary of changes from RPM 4.19.0


  • Packaging: Add %_iconsdir macro (#2729)
  • Packaging: Add a Provides generator for rpm lua modules (#2659)
  • Build: Make cmake -L output meaningful [Cosmetic] (#2687)


  • Transaction: Fix sbit removal if fchmodat() doesn’t support AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW [Regression] (#2759)
  • Transaction: Print full path if file removal fails [Regression] (#2806)
  • Packaging: Allow SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=0 again [Regression] (#2756)
  • Packaging: Never use current user info or file ownership during build [Regression] (#2797)
  • Packaging: Bunch of sysusers.d handling fixes (#2745)
  • Packaging: Fix integer overflow in memory calculations on 32bit systems (#2770)
  • Packaging: Return an error on macro expansion failure from Lua macros table too (#2706)
  • Packaging: Switch brp-compress to bash (#2757)
  • Build: Build all manuals regardless of enabled features [Regression] (#2804)
  • Build: Fix tagtbl.C placement in build dir [Regression] (#2670)
  • Build: Ensure proper working dir when processing rpmrc, platform and macros (#2707)
  • Build: Fix a bunch of compiler warnings on 32bit builds (#2784)

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