RPM Release Notes


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  • SHA256SUM: 874091b80efe66f9de8e3242ae2337162e2d7131e3aa4ac99ac22155e9c521e5

Summary of changes from RPM 4.19.1


  • Packaging: Don’t warn about missing user/group on skipped files [Regression] (#2814)
  • Packaging: Make user/group lookup caching thread-safe [Regression] (#2843)
  • Lua interface: Fix regression in Lua scriptlet runaway child detection [Regression] (#2818)
  • Build: CMakeLists.txt: restore readline support as an explicit option [Regression] (#2852)
  • Build: Fix unconditional uses of Linux-specific extensions [Regression] (#2812)
  • Build: Add missing include for check_symbol_exists (#2831)
  • Build: Don’t use _nl_msg_cat_cntr if it’s not available (#2856)

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