RPM 4.6.1 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from rpm 4.6.0

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix PGP fingerprint calculation. (RhBug:493777)
  • Fix RSA signature checking when signature is smaller than modulus (RhBug:494049, regression introduced by switching to NSS in 4.6.0)
  • Fix parsing of PGP public key signature packets (regression introduced in 4.6.0).
  • Permit package signing and signature checking to be interrupted in reasonable time.
  • Add support for MD2 digests.
  • Several memory leaks in signature checking failure cases have been fixed.
  • Fix handling of some relative paths in rpmCleanPath() (RhBug:491388)
  • Honor –nomanifest on install too
  • Avoid parsing %patch on spec query (RhBug:487855)
  • Permit NULL to rpmdsSingle() again (regression introduced in 4.6.0)
  • Minor optimizations to rpmdsCompare() and rpmdsNotify()
  • Fix old broken UTF-8 conversion of Korean manuals (RhBug:466597)
  • Various minor documentation + translation fixes and updates.

Package building

  • Dependency extractor scripts are only run once per file (with internal dependency generator), this can speed building of script-heavy packages noticeably.
  • Restrictions on dependency names have been loosened to permit eg. UTF-8 characters as the first character. (RhBug:455119)
  • Disallow path name components (~, / and ..) in name, version and release tags (RhBug:493157)
  • Update rpmrc defaults to use -mtune instead of deprecated -mcpu (RhBug:493696)
  • Add ISA-macros for Alpha architecture
  • Fix –with-kde with KDE3 (rhbz#466009)

Python bindings

  • Catch exceptions from Python string/number conversions in ts.dbMatch()

Build process

  • Fix permissions of some non-executable macro etc files
  • Sanitize defaultdocdir generation.