RPM 4.7.1 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from rpm 4.7.0

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Honor Requires(pre,preun) style dependencies on erase dependency checking
  • Fixing ordering brokenness caused by all dependencies as being treated as pre-requisites (RhBug:502269)
  • Format Requires(pre,preun) style dependencies correctly in deptype format extension
  • Fix crash on symlink fingerprinting (RhBug:505777)
  • Fix invalid memory access on fingerprinting causing bogus results on file dependency lookups (RhBug:506323)
  • Fix invalid memory access on rpmlog()
  • Avoid bogus errors from chrooted verify due to dependency caching issues (RhBug:50807)
  • Fix verification result code depending on verbosity level (RhBug:510213)
  • Fix –excludepath (RhBug:509637, regression introduced in 4.7.0)
  • Honor –nofiledigest on install (RhBug:508021, regression introduced in 4.6.0)
  • Log an error on short lead section (RhBug:511101, regression introduced in 4.6.0)
  • Fix parsing of PGP public key signature packets (regression introduced in 4.6.0)
  • Add an index for obsoletes (RhBug:507702, but needs –rebuilddb to become active)
  • Create the directory used for transaction lock if necessary
  • Don’t treat filenames starting with ‘-‘ as stdin
  • Don’t accept ‘-‘ for stdin in manifest files (RhBug:461353)
  • Fix rpm.unregister() Lua extension
  • Handle rpmhook unregistering itself correctly
  • Add -h/–help option to rpm2cpio (ticket #63)
  • Various minor documentation + translation fixes and updates (RhBug:482921)

Package building

  • Fix –with-kde with KDE3 (RhBug:466009)
  • Fix calculation of hardlinked file sizes (RhBug:503020)
  • Map legacy PreReq tag into Requires(pre,preun) at build for closer mapping to former semantics
  • Add DWARF-3 support to debugedit (RhBug:505774)
  • %files now accepts multiple filelists (ticket #70, RhBug:475359)
  • Base64-encode %policy files to ensure they can be stored as \0-terminated strings in header
  • Much improved OSGi dependency generator script (ticket #39)
  • Some typos fixed in javadeps (ticket #72)

Internal improvements

  • Restore former value of RPMSENSE_PREREQ, permitting it to be tested again
  • Hide NSS peculiarities over fork() from API users
  • Minor optimization to rpmdsNotify()

Python bindings

  • Avoid corrupting problem altNEVR string in python ts.check() (RhBug:501068)

Build process

  • Fix permissions of some non-executable macro etc files
  • Fix building outside source directory (ticket #65)