RPM 4.8.0 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from RPM 4.7.x

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix ftp/http proxy options (RhBug:529214) (regression originating from 4.6.0)
  • Fix remote package retrieval in rpm2cpio (RhBug:523260)
  • Fix –tid and –querybynumber query selectors (regression originating from 4.6.0)
  • Fix extranuous dependency type characters in –filerequires/provides output
  • Fix package relocatability checking (broken since forever)
  • Fix –excludepath (RhBug:409637)
  • Fix verification result depending on verbosity level (RhBug:510213)
  • Fix filename starting with ‘-‘ treated as stdin
  • Fix –nodirtokens yet again (RhBug:546663)
  • Query error code fixes (SuseBug:527191)
  • Report multiple scriptlet dependency bits in deptype format extension
  • Permit user specified query formats to behave differently on rpm’s verbosity level
  • Dependency information queries now return the dependency type too in verbose mode
  • New tag extensions:
    • DBINSTANCE (record number of installed packages)
    • HEADERCOLOR (multilib “color” of header)
    • EVR, NVR, NEVR, NEVRA, NVRA (convenience formatting of name, epoch, version, release and arch tags)
    • EPOCHNUM (epoch of header, returns 0 for no epoch)
    • VERBOSE (is rpm in verbose mode or not)
  • New format extensions:
    • :fstate (human readable file state information)
    • :vflags (human readable file verifyflags information)
  • Major speed improvement in file list queries (eg -qal)
  • Major speed improvements in installation dependency calculations
  • Error out early when trying to install to readonly filesystem (ticket #99, RhBug:464750)
  • Disk space problems are only reported for affected packages (RhBug:517418)
  • Skip %posttrans scriptlets of failed transaction elements
  • Package erasures are now ordered too (ticket #48, RhBug:479257, RhBug:448153
  • Improved ordering of packages with dependency loops - loopy sets are now guaranteed to be installed together (ticket #51)
  • Install ordering now differentiates between “colored” dependencies, giving better order with multilib package sets
  • Handle Requires(pre,preun) ordering correctly on erasure
  • %_netsharedpath is evaluated for erasures too (RhBug:494640)
  • Validate rpmlib() dependencies on src.rpm install (RhBug:490613)
  • Various minor corner-case memory leaks fixed
  • Several documentation fixes (ticket #72, #63)
  • Several translation updates (Spanish, Portugese Brasilian, Polish, German, Japanese, French, Serbian)

Package building

  • Automatic extraction of OCaml dependencies
  • Automatic extraction of mime-handler provides from .desktop files
  • Automatic extraction of font provides
  • OSGi dependency generator fixes (ticket #101)
  • Extra options can be now specified and passed to dependency extractor scripts
  • %files now accepts multiple filelists through -f (ticket #70, RhBug:475359)
  • Use 444 permissions for all .debug files (RhBug:522194)
  • Handle .desktop files with spaces in filename (RhBug:520920)
  • Fix duplicate dependency checking on build (RhBug:490378)
  • Various commonly used Python macros added (ticket #83)
  • Support for multiple major python versions in brp-python-bytecompile (RhBug:531117)
  • Packages can now have a separate bug reporting url by setting BugUrl in spec or through %_bugurl in macro configuration (RhBug:512774)
  • Fix %sources and %patches containing the same items multiple times (ticket #82)
  • Add default %clean section unless overridden in spec (ticket #81)
  • %patch macro supports new -d option (ticket #69)
  • New %make_install macro which does the right thing wrt modern autotools (ie “make install DESTDIR=…”)
  • Unset CDPATH (and DISPLAY) environment variables on build-scripts (RhBug:426955)
  • Always run build-scripts in C-locale
  • Don’t set –target in %configure (RhBug:458648)
  • Fix segfault on %include of empty file
  • Add XZ and LZMA recompress support to brp-compress (ticket #84)
  • Correctly inherit default %attr(-,-,-) from %defattr (RhBug:515685)
  • Support DWARF-3 in debugedit (RhBug:505774)
  • Much stricter set of allowed characters in various tags like Name, Version etc (ticket #59, RhBug:493157)
  • PreReq and BuildPreReq are now officially deprecated, with warnings at build-time
  • PreReq is mapped to Requires(pre,preun) at build-time
  • Permit %ghost to be used on non-existent files (RhBug:495040)
  • Configurable changelog trimming in rpm files (ticket #47)
  • Error out on unsupported payload compressor (RhBug:495429)
  • Correctly handle “./” in file paths (RhBug:491388)
  • Various tweaks to the internal file classifier (RhBug:491349)
  • Handle XZ in %uncompress macro
  • New built-in %getconfdir macro for getting rpm configuration “home directory”
  • Support for signing with the ancient PGP has been removed
  • Backwards compatibility macros %{PACKAGE_VERSION} and %{PACKAGE_RELEASE} are no longer supported in spec. Use %{version} and %{release} instead.

API changes

  • New rstreq() and rstreqn() string helper functions.
  • New pgpParsePkts() function to read armored OpenPGP pubkeys can now be parsed from memory
  • New pgpVerifySig() function to perform the low-level DSA/RSA signature verification
  • New rpmDigestBundle data-type and interfaces to deal with multiple digests calculated at once for same data
  • New rpmSetMemFail() API for hooking custom memory allocation failure handler has been added
  • New headerGetNumber() convenience function for retrieving numeric data from headers
  • New headerGetString() and headerGetAsString() convenience functions for retrieving non-array string data from headers
  • New Ftell() function to return rpmio stream position (ie ftell() clone)
  • Fopen() & etc now accepts compressor names (eg “gzip”) in addition to the io type names (eg “gzdio”)
  • rpmtsAddEraseElement() returns error codes on failure
  • Low-level disk space checking functions rpmtsInitDSI(), rpmtsUpdateDSI() and rpmtsCheckDSIProblems() have been removed from the transaction API (these were never usable outside rpmtsRun() anyway)
  • Iterating over RPMDBI_PACKAGES with offset no longer causes an endless loop
  • rpmProblem “objects” are now reference counted
  • Obsolete headerDump() and headerGetLangs() interfaces have been removed
  • headerNVR() family of calls is now deprecated
  • rpmal interface has been made internal-only
  • Rpm’s public headers no longer needlessly expose libmagic dependency

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Major code cleanups to signature- and low-level header handling, rpmio operations and database backends
  • Numerous issues found by Clang-analyzer: unused code removed and potential segfaults fixed
  • Transaction dependency caching uses in-memory hash instead of temporary database, avoiding various chroot-related issues
  • Database files and indexes are opened with relative paths, avoiding issues with chroot (RhBug:507309 & others)
  • rpmdb index for Obsoletes added
  • Hardcoded and broken ldconfig-scriptlet interpreter optimization removed
  • Ensure RPMSENSE_RPMLIB is consistently set on rpmlib() dependencies everywhere
  • DNEVR string is generated lazily on rpmdsNEVR() calls instead of every rpmdsNext()
  • rpmal completely reimplemented with hashes for massive speedup
  • All NSS-dependencies and low-level signature verification have been pushed to librpmio
  • Handle errors in rpmDigestDup() correctly
  • Remember hash algorithm in digest context
  • Signature check error code sanity: RPMRC_NOKEY always means “this could be fixed by importing the key”, RPMRC_FAIL is “invalid signature”

Lua interface

  • Make rpm.unregister() Lua extension actually work, and permit hook to unregister itself
  • Add rpm.b64encode() and rpm.b64decode() extensions for base64 encoding and decoding

Python bindings

  • Major overhaul to modernize and cleanup the code, “pythonize” the interfaces
  • Review all exceptions raised from within rpm-python, revise as necessary
  • Split the C-level module into separate “runtime” and build modules to avoid hard dependency on librpmbuild
  • Preliminary support for Python 3.x (compiles, loads and works with limitations + caveats)
  • All rpm object types support sub-typing now (but with caveats)
  • Implementation for various things have been moved to pure Python where possible. Notably TransactionSet class is by default a pure Python object, inherited from the C-level class
  • All functions and methods accepting file descriptors now accept any file-like objects implementing .fileno() method too
  • All functions and methods accepting strings now accept Unicode objects too (automatically converted to UTF-8 internally)
  • Various missing constants have been added (RPMDBI_LABEL, RPMSENSE_ANY, RPMRC-codes…)
  • Various memory leaks fixed

Generic utility functions

  • Export rpmlog() to Python as rpm.log() function
  • Support numeric expansion in rpm.expandMacro()

Header class

  • Support for (empty) header object creation and (limited) modification
  • Headers can be instanciated from file-like objects, unloaded header blobs (byte arrays) and from other headers (ie copied)
  • New header methods: .write(), .convert(), isSource()
  • Header .keys() method now returns all keys and is faster too
  • Support iterating over header objects

Transaction set class

  • addInstall() method now accepts any file-like objects and file names in addition to fd integers
  • addErase() method now accepts headers and match iterators in addition to labels and record numbers
  • Various transaction set flags and other attributes are exported directly as object attributes
  • New methods getKeyring() and setKeyring() permit manipulating transaction set keyring from Python, such as using a custom (non-rpmdb) keyring for signature verification

Dependency set class

  • All types of rpm.ds objects can now be created by calling rpm.ds constructor:
  • New method Compare() replaces former strange != syntax for determining dependency overlap

Spec class

  • Spec object instanciation has been decoupled from transaction objects and can now be directly instanciated by calling the spec constructor
  • Allow accessing spec package structures from Python (ticket #14, RhBug:46726)
  • Former spec object methods have been converted to object attributes instead (incompatible)

New classes

  • Bindings for rpm keyring (rpm.keyring)
  • Bindings for pubkey types (rpm.pubkey)
  • Bindings for rpm problem objects has been added (rpm.prob)
  • File-object like bindings for rpm io interface (rpm.fd)

Deprecated and removed interfaces

  • rpm.headerLoad() is deprecated. Call header constructor instead.
  • hdr.expandFilelist() and hdr.compressFilelist() are deprecated. Use hdr.convert() instead.
  • hdr.dsOfHeader() and hdr.dsFromHeader() are deprecated. Call rpm.ds constructor instead.
  • rpm.ps (aka problem set) type has been removed, ts.problems() now returns a regular list object
  • mi.count() and ds.count() methods have been deprecated. Use len() instead.
  • Invalid tp_print methods have been removed (these were against Python recommedations)
  • Support for ambiguous and quirky cmp() and rich comparisons have been removed from rpm.ds objects
  • Support for ambiguous cmp() has been removed from header objects. Use rpm.versionCompare() instead.

Build process

  • Fix building with binutils-gold (ticket #107)
  • Fix out-of-tree build when Lua enabled (ticket #91)
  • Linkage cleanups

Compatibility notes