This page attempts to track the various relevant documentation that exists for RPM.

General Use

Packager Documentation


RPM Language Bindings

Miscellaneous Developer Docs:


The following books have been published regarding RPM:

  • Maximum RPM A 1997 book written by Ed Bailey. It is available in hardback (442 pages), and then re-printed by Sams in soft-cover (450 pages - ISBN: 0672311054). The hardcover edition includes a quick reference card. An on-line version of the original book is also available, as is a more updated date version.
  • Red Hat RPM Guide A 2003 book by Eric Foster-Johnson, this has been released later under the Open Publication License and a draft close to the published version is available on-line as Fedora RPM Guide. This book covers everything from basic usage to advanced tricks, package creation and API programming.

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