Ticket #78 (new enhancement)

Opened 6 years ago

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Allow noarch package to have architecture specific subpackages

Reported by: msivak Assigned to: pmatilai Priority: major Milestone:
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The reason for this request is simple. Scripting languages are mostly architecture independent, but we sometimes have a special module that has to be excluded from some archs.

The module itself is architecture independent, but it can utilize component that is not present on some architectures (like grub on s390). And we need to drop that dependency for the architecture in question.

But at the moment, the ifnarch and ExcludeArch? tags do not work with noarch packages and we can't change the subpackage to be architecture specific since the main package is tagged as noarch.

Spliting the package in two would be a possible workaround, but it wouldn't reflect the logic of dependencies. The subpackage is only usable for the main package with corresponding version and moreover, the subpackage is architecture independent and only the dependencies are not.

Change History

01/20/10 16:14:52 changed by opoplawski

Similar need for some Java packages that have JNI or some external C dependencies in subpackages.

09/03/12 16:06:11 changed by vo.x

This would be very useful for RubyGems?. RubyGems? package is platform independent, however, it needs to create folder structure for arch dependent gems. This directory layout should go into platform dependent -filesystem subpackage. Unfortunately, it is not possible without this feature. Thank you for considering this RFE.