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Verify shows change when duplicate UID used

Reported by: archie Assigned to: RpmTickets Priority: minor Milestone: rpm-4.12.0 Component: rpm Version: RPM Development Keywords: Cc:


On a system where:

  • Two different usernames 'aaa' and 'bbb' are associated with the same UID 1234
  • A package is installed with a file 'foo' owned by user 'aaa' in the package manifest

Then rpm -V will (sometimes?) incorrectly report a changed user for 'foo' from 'aaa' to 'bbb'.

As we all know, file ownership in Linux is by UID, not username, so rpm is doing a reverse lookup from UID to username (probably using getpwnam(3)) and (perhaps by chance) getting the wrong answer ('bbb' instead of 'aaa') and then reporting this as a change, when in fact there is no change.

The rpm verify algorithm for user (and similarly group) ownership should instead be:

  1. Determine the UID associated with the installed file
  2. Lookup the username corresponding to that UID (using getpwuid(3) etc)
  3. Compare that with the username in the package manifest

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If duplicate UIDs are present on the system then what getpwuid() returns is just as much by chance as with getpwnam(), there's no abolute right or wrong at that point.

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Reopening as per http://lists.rpm.org/pipermail/rpm-maint/2014-June/003700.html

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...and close as fixed as per https://rpm.org/gitweb?p=rpm.git;a=commitdiff;h=348eea3a4151b1dbe6f9976ef50cd7ba3820fa79

Whether the former behavior was downright incorrect is perhaps debatable

  • verification showing change when the actual entries did not change seems buggy but then duplicate uids/users can be considered inconsistent system state, calling for investigation. With the above commit rpm now warns about duplicates but passes the verification in these cases.

06/06/14 14:02:43 changed by archie


Just to correct the record, the original description of what the algorithm "should be" was wrong. It should have stated:

  1. Determine the UID of the installed file
  2. Determine the UID of the username that is supposed to own the file
  3. Compare steps 1 and 2 for equality

09/16/14 11:06:41 changed by pmatilai

  • milestone set to rpm-4.12.0.