RPM 4.18.2 Release Notes

Download information

  • Source: rpm-4.18.2.tar.bz2
  • SHA256SUM: ba7eee1bc2c6f83be73c0a40d159c625cbaed976b3ac044233404fb25ae1b979

Summary of changes from RPM 4.18.1

General bugfixes and enhancements

Command line

  • Conditionally display VCS tag in --info query
  • Show the tag number for unknown tags in --xml output
  • Add aliases for weak dependency queries to rpmspec(8)
  • Rewrite --last to just use sed(1) for formatting
  • Expose and document --verifydb operation in rpmdb(8)


  • Fix sbit removal if fchmodat() doesn’t support AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW


  • Remove obscure check for package build time from --rebuilddb (#2527)
  • Don’t muck with per-process global sqlite configuration from the db backend

Package building


  • Fix numberless T for thread number autodetection in zstdio (old regression)
  • Actually return an error if script parsing fails (regression in 4.15.0)
  • Fix misleading error message on some invalid filetrigger conditions (#2584)
  • Allow SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=0 again (#2679, regression in 4.17.0)


  • Add %{rpmversion} builtin macro for getting the running rpm version (#2523)
  • Add %{_iconsdir} macro (#2196)


  • Populate user and group data in cpio payload again (old regression)
  • Remove lead checks other than the “magic number” check (#2423)
  • Add more libmagic exceptions for HTML, SVG and PNG

Signatures and keys

  • Fix file signatures getting loaded when not asked for (#2425)

Lua interface

  • Fix error handling of rpm.execute() and rpm.redirect2null() (#2528)
  • Catch runaway forked children from Lua scriptlets centrally
  • Fix a segfault on a non-stringable argument to macro call from Lua
  • Return an error on macro expansion failure from Lua macros table too (#2653)


  • Fix per-file plugin hook regression introduced in 4.18 (#2543)

Build process

  • Fix compiler error on clang (#2435)
  • Fix missing includes on macOS
  • Bring RPM_MASK_RETURN_TYPE into the signed int range
  • Silence an apparent false positive warning from gcc in -Og mode

Compatibility notes

  • Since the CPIO format cannot host individual files over 4GB in size, the rpm2cpio(8) utility is now considered obsolete. Use rpm2archive(8) instead.