RPM 4.11.3 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from RPM 4.11.2

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix double-free on malformed signature header (RhBug:1133885)
  • Fix verification wrt duplicate user/groupnames (ticket #872)
  • Fix mixed binary + source rpm installation progress (RhBug:984724)
  • Fix curl globbing being enabled on remote retrieval (RhBug:1076277)
  • Fix verification of SHA224 signatures (RhBug:1066494)
  • Fix buffer overflows on malformed macro define/undefine (RhBug:1087000)
  • Fix buffer overflow on unterminated macro options
  • Fix file actions sometimes carrying state across multiple rpmtsRun() calls (RhBug:1076552, RhBug:1128359)
  • Add support for m68k architecture (again)

Package building

  • Fix %autopatch options getting expanded twice
  • Fix segfault on missing argument to %package (RhBug:1123722)
  • Fix libtool dependency generation with libtool >= 2.4.2 (RhBug:1061619)
  • Fix empty debuginfo due to non-canonical macro paths (RhBug:1077148)
  • Fix invalid perl requires from use/require in multiline prints
  • New %_rundir macro for referring to /run (formerly /var/run) directory
  • Add support for %autosetup -S git_am (RhBug:1082038)

Python bindings

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Fix unnecessary large stack alloction (RhBug:1106594)
  • Fix minor memleak on package signing

Build process

  • Fix over-eager sed munging of mail macros file
  • Fix appdata.prov script not getting installed
  • Fix in-tree Python binding build with setup.py