RPM 4.8.1 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from RPM 4.8.0


  • Remove SUID/SGID bits from hardlinked executables on upgrade too (CVE:2010-2059, RhBug:598775)
  • Remove POSIX capabilities from hardlinked executables on upgrade and erase (CVE:FIXME, RhBug:598775)

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix “empty reply from server” curl-syndrome with URL retrieval, regression introduced in 4.6.0 (RhBug:598988)
  • Fix transaction hanging on unrelated filesystems (RhBug:547548)
  • Fix crash on URL retrieve to read-only location on install (RhBug:557118)
  • Fix verification error code not to depend on verbosity level (RhBug:557101)
  • Fix return from chroot() on verify (RhBug:590588)
  • Permit DOS-style line-endings in PGP ASCII armors (RhBug:532992)
  • Fix :pgpsig header format extension sometimes showing numbers for known hash types (RhBug:587755)
  • Fix :deptype header format extension failing to show some flag combinations
  • Fix error message on package conflicts against installed packages
  • Fix erased packages causing misleading disk-space checking messages (RhBug:561160)
  • Document –conflicts option in manpage (ticket #126)

Package building

  • Fix %defattr(-) syntax, regression introduced in (SuseBug:594310)
  • Fix spec parser eating empty lines in %prep section, regression introduced in 4.6.0 (RhBug:573339)
  • Fix NOSOURCE/NOPATCH tag generation of nosrc packages, regression introduced in 4.6.0
  • Fix crash in the spec parser (RhBug:597835, SuseBug:582599)
  • Fix copying of translated tags into source rpms (RhBug:578299)
  • Only extract dependencies from .desktop files with Type=Application and Exec= entries (ticket #150)
  • Work around GNU tar debug output breaking rpmbuild -t (SuseBug:558475)

API changes

  • New librpmio function pgpValueString() for retrieving various PGP string constants
  • New librpmio function argvSplitString() for better control of the ARGV splitting
  • RPMTAG_NOSOURCE and RPMTAG_NOPATCH tags made non-internal
  • rpmReadPackageFile() no longer loads transaction set keyring if signature checking disabled (SuseBug:554552)
  • headerFormat() now returns non-translated strings for header iteration queries
  • headerCopyTags() now copies raw (non-translated) strings

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Fix minor memory leak in librpmbuild
  • Fix minor memory leak in package (re-)signing

Python bindings

  • Handle non-existent dependency sets from headers correctly, regression introduced in 4.8.0 (RhBug:593553)
  • Fix match iterator boolean presentation, regression introduced in 4.8.0 (ticket #153)
  • Add version and version_info constants for rpm version information
  • Add RPMBUILD_ISSOURCE/PATCH/ICON/NO constants (ticket #123)
  • Add RPMTRANS_FLAG_NOCONTEXTS constant (RhBug:573111)
  • Document deprecation of mi.count() and ds.Count() (ticket #152)

Build process

  • Fix missing __fxstat64() symbol on Mac OS X
  • Fix dependency on non-standard strndup() function
  • Fix build with Berkeley DB >= 4.7 when internal BDB copy is used
  • Fix complaint about undefined behavior from newer gcc
  • Fix internal lua extension include path
  • Add reinstall and dependency checking to internal test-suite