RPM 4.8.1 Release Notes

  1. Download information
  2. Summary of changes from RPM 4.8.0
    1. Security
    2. General bugfixes and enhancements
    3. Package building
    4. API changes
    5. Internal improvements and cleanups
    6. Python bindings
    7. Build process

Download information

Summary of changes from RPM 4.8.0


General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix "empty reply from server" curl-syndrome with URL retrieval, regression introduced in 4.6.0 (RhBug:598988)
  • Fix transaction hanging on unrelated filesystems (RhBug:547548)
  • Fix crash on URL retrieve to read-only location on install (RhBug:557118)
  • Fix verification error code not to depend on verbosity level (RhBug:557101)
  • Fix return from chroot() on verify (RhBug:590588)
  • Permit DOS-style line-endings in PGP ASCII armors (RhBug:532992)
  • Fix :pgpsig header format extension sometimes showing numbers for known hash types (RhBug:587755)
  • Fix :deptype header format extension failing to show some flag combinations
  • Fix error message on package conflicts against installed packages
  • Fix erased packages causing misleading disk-space checking messages (RhBug:561160)
  • Document --conflicts option in manpage (ticket #126)

Package building

  • Fix %defattr(-) syntax, regression introduced in (SuseBug:594310)
  • Fix spec parser eating empty lines in %prep section, regression introduced in 4.6.0 (RhBug:573339)
  • Fix NOSOURCE/NOPATCH tag generation of nosrc packages, regression introduced in 4.6.0
  • Fix crash in the spec parser (RhBug:597835, SuseBug:582599)
  • Fix copying of translated tags into source rpms (RhBug:578299)
  • Only extract dependencies from .desktop files with Type=Application and Exec= entries (ticket #150)
  • Work around GNU tar debug output breaking rpmbuild -t (SuseBug:558475)

API changes

  • New librpmio function pgpValueString() for retrieving various PGP string constants
  • New librpmio function argvSplitString() for better control of the ARGV splitting
  • RPMTAG_NOSOURCE and RPMTAG_NOPATCH tags made non-internal
  • rpmReadPackageFile() no longer loads transaction set keyring if signature checking disabled (SuseBug:554552)
  • headerFormat() now returns non-translated strings for header iteration queries
  • headerCopyTags() now copies raw (non-translated) strings

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Fix minor memory leak in librpmbuild
  • Fix minor memory leak in package (re-)signing

Python bindings

  • Handle non-existent dependency sets from headers correctly, regression introduced in 4.8.0 (RhBug:593553)
  • Fix match iterator boolean presentation, regression introduced in 4.8.0 (ticket #153)
  • Add __version__ and __version_info__ constants for rpm version information
  • Add RPMBUILD_ISSOURCE/PATCH/ICON/NO constants (ticket #123)
  • Add RPMTRANS_FLAG_NOCONTEXTS constant (RhBug:573111)
  • Document deprecation of mi.count() and ds.Count() (ticket #152)

Build process

  • Fix missing __fxstat64() symbol on Mac OS X
  • Fix dependency on non-standard strndup() function
  • Fix build with Berkeley DB >= 4.7 when internal BDB copy is used
  • Fix complaint about undefined behavior from newer gcc
  • Fix internal lua extension include path
  • Add reinstall and dependency checking to internal test-suite