RPM 4.7.2 Release Notes

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Summary of changes from rpm 4.7.1

General bugfixes and enhancements

  • Fix extranuous dependency type characters in –filerequires/provides output (RhBug:523282)
  • Fix exit code on verification failure (SuseBug:527191)
  • Fix remote package retrieval in rpm2cpio (RhBug:523260)
  • Fix –tid and –querybynumber query selectors (regression originating from 4.6.0)
  • Fix ftp/http proxy options (RhBug:529214) (regression originating from 4.6.0)
  • Skip %posttrans scripts of failed transaction elements
  • Disk space problems are only reported for affected packages (RhBug:517418)
  • Error out early when trying to install to readonly filesystem (ticket #99, RhBug:464750)
  • Database files and indexes are opened with relative paths, avoiding issues with chroot (RhBug:507309 & others)
  • Remove DB4 environment on close when chrooted (RhBug:513699, RhBug:507309…)
  • Improve file list query (-ql) speed in normal case
  • Minor memory leaks fixed
  • Convert French man page to Unix line-endings (ticket #104)

Package building

  • Fix segfault when on %include of empty files
  • Fix %sources and %patches containing the same items multiple times (ticket #82)
  • Fix duplicate dependency checking on build (ticket #103, RhBug:490378)
  • Allow absolute paths in file lists again (SuseBug:535594, RhBug:521760) (regression in 4.7.1)
  • Use 444 permissions for all .debug files (RhBug:522194)
  • Add XZ and LZMA recompress support to brp-compress (ticket #84)
  • OSGi dependency generator fixes (ticket #101)
  • Improved perl heredoc parsing (RhBug:524929)

Build process

  • Add missing include in rpmsq.h (ticket #78)
  • Fix build with Berkeley DB 4.8.x
  • Fix build with binutils-gold (ticket #107)
  • Fix out of source directory build when Lua enabled (ticket #91)
  • Remove bogus rpmpopt.pot file (ticket #77)