Have a question that’s not answered in any of the documentation? We have several channels for community support. This page serves as a way to list and explain each avenue of communication channel.

Mailing Lists

rpm.org makes use of the following email lists:

Used for discussion and questions regarding RPM ecosystem, i. e. RPM and all related software, tools and other stuff.
Used only for announcements regarding the RPM software (low-traffic).
Used for discussion and questions regarding the use of RPM software.
Used by RPM maintainers to discuss development and maintenance issues regarding the RPM software.

Visit the list-info pages linked above for information on subscribing to the lists or for viewing the archives.

You need to be subscribed to the mailing lists to be able to post there.

IRC Channels

rpm.org makes use of the following Libera Chat IRC channels:

#rpm (web chat)
General discussion regarding RPM
#rpm-ecosystem (web chat)
General discussion regarding the entire RPM ecosystem

Reporting bugs

Bugs and enhancement requests for the RPM software can be filed in upstream issue tracker.
Issues and enhancement requests for the rpm.org website can be filed here.
Vendor bugs
RPM is used in a variety of Linux distributions, varying greatly in the number of vendor-specific patches and configuration. Bugs experienced in these distributions are through the distribution vendor bug tracking system.
Security issues
Rpm.org does not currently have any specific security personnel or processes. If you need to report an issue so sensitive in nature that it cannot be reported via normal bug reporting channels (see above), please contact Red Hat Product security who have kindly agreed to act as the point of contact for rpm.org upstream security issues until further notice.