How to contribute to

Source code

Our source code is maintained in a git repository at GitHub:

git clone

Web site

The web site is maintained in another git repository on GitHub:

git clone


Rpm is translated to non-English languages via Fedora Weblate instance

Submitting changes

When planning any non-trivial amount of work on rpm or the web-site, please discuss it first on the rpm mailing lists with the development team to avoid situations where efforts go wasted because it’s not in line with RPM design and goals.

Do read our contributing guidelines as the very first thing.

Write access can be granted for established contributors upon request, but for most things sending patches to the rpm-maint mailing list or creating a pull request on GitHub should be sufficient.

When sending patches, please use git send-email instead of any desktop email clients.

Where to start

Fixing existing bugs and known issues is always a good way to get started. Some pointers below: