RPM 4.13.1 Release Notes

Download information

  • rpm-4.13.1.tar.bz2 source
  • SHA256SUM: 81e5bc8e46baa0710a19c7d9bb34c24baceefeeafd86a9033e1e4d9613bb5b60

Summary of changes from RPM

Security fixes

  • Revised fix for CVE-2017-7501 for more robust hardlink handling (RhBug:1514608)

General bugfixes

  • Fix file lists getting fed to file triggers multiple times (#370)
  • Fix not all %transfiletriggerpostun file triggers executing (RhBug:1514085)
  • Fix file triggers executing before file fingerprinting
  • Fix file triggers firing on non-installed files
  • Fix file signatures failing on hardlinked files (#333)

Package building

  • Fix signature header sometimes corrupting main header on > 4GB packages (#379)
  • Fix non-standard inherented modes of directories in debuginfo (RhBug:641022)

Internal improvements

  • Fix header not available during RPMCALLBACK_ELEM_PROGRESS callback
  • Fix header not available during file trigger scriptlet callbacks (RhBug:1485389)
  • Fix various file trigger scriptlet diagnostics showing “unknown” + other minor file trigger diagnostic improvements

Build process

  • Some new testcases