RPM 4.16.1 Release Notes

Download information

  • Source: rpm-4.16.1.tar.bz2
  • SHA256SUM: 4650cb9d414704059a6e0bee73a68a13bb367dfce188bd35f56b19e13a775cbf

Summary of changes from RPM 4.16.0

General bugfixes and enhancements


  • Fix removed files not getting recreated on %_minimize_writes (RhBug:1872141)
  • Fix ambiguous diagnostics output on file triggers (RhBug:1883338)


  • Fix BDB backend crashing due to index open failure in some error situations (RhBug:1898301)
  • Fix minor memory leak on sqlite database open failure
  • Fix unnecessary double-error on database open failure
  • Allow database backend probing if %_db_backend is not set

Package building

  • Fix 4.16.0 regression causing invalid spec file name on rpmbuild -ts (#1386)
  • Fix debugedit -i -n causing `DWARF version 0 unhandled’ on compressed .debug files
  • Fix find-debuginfo inconsistent error behavior in parallel mode


  • Fix buffer overrun and inconsistent behavior on parametric macro argument processing
  • Fix - getting converted to _ in parametric macro arguments from cli
  • Fix unparseable macros to behave like undefined macros on expansion

Expressions (spec and macros)

  • Fix missing error on attempted arithmetics on versions
  • Add support for stringifying versions

Python bindings

  • Improve error handling in pubkey constructor

Internal improvements and cleanups

  • Fix rpm unnecessarily initializing name services on startup
  • Fix rpm using obsolete gethostbyname() function
  • Fix rpm using deprecated security_context_t
  • Fix potential buffer overrun in rstrnlenhash() string hashing function
  • Fix RPMTAG_SUGGESTVERSION and -FLAGS info claiming them to be extensions
  • Fix missing NULL-terminator in copyTagsFromMainDebug array
  • Fix exit() used in middle of librpmbuild instead of error code
  • Fix untranslatable strings marked for translation
  • Fix fdSeek() to return 0 on success, -1 on error

Build process

  • Fix build with OpenMP < 4.5
  • Fix inconsistent Lua version requirement (>= 5.2 is required)
  • Fix cross-compilation due to unnecessary use of AC_RUN_IFELSE
  • Fix compilation on musl libc due to missing fcntl.h include
  • Fix obsoletion and deprecation warnings from Doxygen
  • Fix false positive warning on gcc -fsanitize=address
  • Use registry.fedoraproject.org instead of Docker hub for downloading CI images